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Melanie Fiona performing at the Beach Club in Berlin, Germany in 2009.
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"Today is another chance to get it right. Don’t waste it." - Melanie Fiona

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Feeling like it’s time to change, get a little wild
Come up from behind the shade, be a rebel child
Gonna raise some hell tonight

_Melanie Fiona - Watch Me Work

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Melanie Fiona photographed by Brad Walsh in 2009.
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Melanie Fiona performed at the 3rd Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball in New York City on July 16th. The Edeyo Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization supporting education initiatives in Haiti. See more pictures and video HERE.
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Colorado: August 16th, Melanie Fiona will be performing at the Soul Mountain Music Festival at Beaver Creek Resort. Tickets are on sale: http://bit.ly/mfsoulmt
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